Your home is your intimate possession, and we are here to help you manage it better. With TeslaTech home automation, you can now control your electrical devices, watch live video feed of your home, manage and moderate your electrical consumption and more from anywhere in the world through our easy to use app on your smartphone. What’s more? You can now experience all this luxury without burning a hole in your pocket.!

Unlimited Features, Unlimited Fun

TeslaTech SmartHomes is the first ever comprehensive and affordable home automation solution


Switch on/off all your electrical appliances ( Light, Fan, A.C, TV, Geysers etc.) with your smartphone from anywhere.


IP cameras can be integrated with our solution giving you a live feed in the app along with 7 days of recording.


Our Switches track electricity consumption of each device in real-time & collect this data for further analysis.


Your Home learns from your needs and will automatically take care of the climate & light settings.


Your Home learns from your needs and will automatically take care of the climate & light settings..


The Cubical Master is a 4 inch box that runs all the complex algorithms for the commands that the user gives while operating on the smartphone application. Exquisitely designed, it is very easy to install. It acts like a central hub for all our home automation products and interacts with all other switches to control the devices. With the informative display indicator, you can easily determine the status of the Cubical Master.


Receive a notification on every intrusion, know of a potential threat and take the necessary action ! Equipped with motion response, it will also open devices (Ac, lights)…


Hate leaving your cosy bed every night to close your door ? Hate adjusting your Sunday plans just let maid in the house? We have the ultimate solution for you.!

No more worrying about open doors or windows ! Sleep and work worry free with our magnetic door sensors.! Placed on the inner side of doors / windows…


With our high-tech, intelligent device , you will now be able to control your IR devices, temperature and lightning of your room,and switch them off with just a swipe of your hand.


The Cubical switch sits behind your switch panel and is the device that lets you control all the appliances on that panel. Being a retrofit home automation product, it does not require any kind of additional rewiring and fits very easily in the space behind your switch board. The current sensors present in the Cubical switch detect the total power consumption per device and help in obtaining a real time energy analysis of your home. Currently, we provide three types of Cubical switches:

Curtain Motors

You can now have your curtains open along with your alarm and have the sun light stream in to your bedroom.!

Through these app controlled curtains motors, you can not only close or open your curtains through a touch on your smartphone, but also schedule their opening and closing timing.

Cubical Colors

A fully customizable LED strip which allows you to control the brightness and choose from among 3.2 million colors, fully controlled by mobile app. It can convert your home into a romantic palace , a crazy party house , a calm reading nook or whatever you wish it to be.

IP Cameras

With integrated IP cameras you can keep your eyes on your house, on your staff at workplace with seven days rolling base recording.

Through these wireless IP cameras, you can have 24/7 live feed of your home on your smartphone, and even have the option of saving up a week’s surveillance.


FX330: Maximum weight /length per gate leaf: 350kg/4m.

24V DC electro mechanical gear motors for residential use.

Worm gear provides durability and silence in motor operations.

Hall sensor embedded in the motor for accurate positioning.


Night Vision via auto IR-Led illumination

MJPEG compression

Motion detector alarm

Infrared Motion Detection (with email notification and image upload via FTP)

High image & video quality